Telecommunication Services

Consulting and conception

Individual consulting

Feasibility studies

Basic evaluation

Planning and project engineering

Approval planning

Implementation planning

Cost estimate

Preparation of tender documents

Creation of geotechnical reports

Procurement of BETRA (Operating and construction instructions) (railway area)

Creation of backup plans (railway area)

Project management

External project coordination and construction supervision

Project assistance

Cable installation supervision

Project implementation

Cable foundation in open construction (conventional underground construction, cable plough, trenchers)

Cable foundations in closed construction (HDD hydraulic rotary drilling, drilling press/tube pressing, soil displacement method with controlled and uncontrolled soil displacement hammers)

Innovative cable laying methods (nano-trenching)

Underground constructions for pipe laying under running waters, railway tracks, highways etc. (e.g. in wireline method or with gyrocompass)

Installation of cable trays and cable chutes (for example in the railway sector)

Blowing in/pulling in of cables

In-house cable laying (house infeeds, cable routing systems, cable grids, firewalls)

Installation and measurements

Fibre optic installation of cable systems of all kinds

Associated fibre optic measurements of all kinds

Special measurements according to customer requirements


Creation of cable positions and cable length plans (according to customer specifications)

Creation of documentations on fibre optic measurements

Creation coupling sleeve sheets and shaft charts

Special drawings and plans according to customer requirements


Measurements of routes (DGPS and tachymeter supported)

Display and marking out of border lines and existing roads

Preservation and settlement measurements (e.g. at railway crossings)

Subsequent measurement of unknown consisted roads (location and height)

Train path information


Technical support

Support for extensions and adjustments