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Customized communication


Broadband expansion – THE ALL IN ONE SOLUTION

High-performance broadband infrastructures are very important today due to the large data volume. Area-wide installation of fibre optic cables is essential for this. Flexibility, reliability and above all adherence to schedules play a decisive role here. We offer innovative methods of cable laying, especially for rapid implementation of fibre optic expansion without great effort.

We are becoming a leading nationwide service provider for the planning and implementation of sophisticated broadband projects. We offer complete turnkey solutions for large and small broadband expansion projects for various network operators and utilities. As a full-service partner of well-known carriers as well as provider of cable laying technology in the railway sector, we provide customized solutions; always in line with the specific requirements of our customers.

Our aim is to meet the high quality standards demanded by the market in order to provide a customer-oriented and, above all, timely response to the upcoming challenges of the rapidly growing telecommunications market.

Approval and implementation planning | open and closed underground construction | cable installation and cable pulling | installation of connections, branches, and end points | final measurements | GPS calibration of train paths | train path information | nano-trenching | flush drilling method | cable plough | cable laying in the railway sector | customized documentation 

Railway and public transport

Operation centers

Safety and efficiency play an outstanding role in railway operations. Dispatchers and traffic controllers must perform their tasks of guiding, monitoring, dispatching and supervising railway operations in close coordination and cooperation. To achieve this, they must communicate quickly and easily with many parties involved via different networks (GSM-R and LTE).
Our dispatcher systems guarantee reliable and rapid intercommunication. The clearly arranged display of the terminal devices enables easy operation and supports dispatchers and controllers in facing any challenges.

Flexible GSM-R dispatcher systems | intercom systems | multifunctional workplace with audio and video dispatching | mobile dispatcher terminals | flexible terminal design | innovative information management systems

Railway and public transport

Railway stations, stops and underground stations

  Safety requirements at stations and stops play a major role today, especially in underground areas. A clear and comprehensible communication must be ensured, particularly in critical cases and emergencies. Passengers require extensive information and, if necessary, precise evacuation.

Our integrated solution concepts for stations and train stops meet exactly those particular challenges. The outstanding sound quality of our communication systems enables quick and purposeful evacuation, particularly in high-noise environments. 

To ensure even greater safety on platforms and tracks, we also take care of the lighting and public address systems. 

Evacuations systems in accordance to relevant standards (voice alarm systems) | IP based public address systems | integrated control center systemscustomized emergency call and information pillars optimally integrated lighting technology


Chemical industry

The highly sensitive areas of the chemical industry require the highest level of safety under the most difficult conditions - high-noise environment, chemicals, hazardous areas. To protect people, machines and the environment, reliable and clearly understandable communication is a basic requirement.

Our products and systems meet all necessary requirements and are specially designed to meet the needs of the chemical industry. Certified call stations and loudspeakers ensure reliable voice communication even in hazardous areas. From the smallest communication systems to comprehensive, cross-plant communication installations, we provide the right equipment.

Public Address and general alarm systems (PA/GA) | intercom systems | high reliable redundant communication systems |
safety relevant, cross-plant communication systems | warning systems | evacuation systems |
hazard alarm system | voice alarm systems |
PC call stations and integrated control center systems |
explosion proofed call stations and loudspeakers | strobe light connection


Oil & gas

We also provide special communication and safety systems for extreme operating conditions in the oil and gas industry. Highest requirements demand absolute reliability. Through continuous system monitoring and a redundant system structure, our installations ensure high availability and reliable voice communication. 

In refineries, oil processing plants, pipeline facilities or on drilling platforms - our solutions for audio communication can be adjusted to suit the specific conditions. Our products are also certified for explosion-hazardous areas. 

Highly available public Address and general alarm systems (PA/GA) | intercom systems | fully redundant communication systems | hazard alarm system | voice alarm systems| PC call stations and integrated control center systems | door and gate intercom systems for an optimized access control | explosion-proofed call stations and loudspeakers | strobe light connection 


Heavy industry

Be it at the blast furnace, on the crane or at the rolling mill - noise, dirt and high temperatures are particular characteristics of heavy industry. It is precisely here, however, that comprehensible voice communication plays an important role. 

Our robust and weatherproof industrial call stations and loudspeakers withstand even the most extreme conditions. They ensure optimum speech intelligibility even in the noisiest environments. This guarantees seamless operations in the diverse plant areas. 

Combined systems of voice communication, video, fire alarm systems and building automation | intercom and PA systems | hazard alarm system | voice alarm systems| process accompanying communication systems | strobe light connection | PC call stations and integrated control center systems | door and gate intercom systems for an optimized access control | explosion-proofed call stations and loudspeakers | radio connection