Communication Systems

Integrated communication for every application

DCSoIP – Digital Communication System over IP

The IP-based communication system DCSoIP allows for use as an intercom, public address and alarm system. For the basic functions such as intercom (WL) and public address (EL) no central control unit is required. The neural network provides no " single point of failure “.

The individual DCSoIP components are mostly PoE-capable and are connected to each other via Ethernet. Due to its open system structure, the DCSoIP can be easily integrated into existing networks. The use of additional components enables expansion in all directions (e.g. adapting analog systems, system parts or individual components such as call stations, amplifiers, etc.) as well as the connection to private (PBX) or public communication networks (PSTN).

Supported functions /services

Intercom – unidirectional communication

Duplexing – bidirectional communication (own speech cannot be heard in the loudspeaker)

Public Address and general alarm (PA/GA)

Data transmission (e.g. video streams)

Connection of locally limited mobile stations, like cranes, via WLAN

Connection of analog systems and/or terminals

Connection of private (PBX) and public telephone networks (PSTN) via system integrated SIP server

MDS6800 – Dispatcher system

The MDS6800 Dispatcher System represents a new generation of IP Dispatcher Systems. It offers a comprehensive, IMS-based multimedia communication platform. The wide range of customer-specific functions enables the use in the areas of rail and public transport, air and water transport, oil and chemicals, energy and utilities, etc.

Intelligent applications and various end-user devices are optimally adapted to the specific requirements of each application. The Dispatcher System convinces not least by its adaptable design and its high user-friendliness. It creates a workstation for all applications. The simple menu structure ensures a fast and secure connection establishment.


Audio and video dispatching and conferences

Data service

Role management

Single calls, group calls and all calls (VGCS, VBS)

Train emergency call

Video surveillance


Transmission of telephone number and name of the caller (CLIP, CNIP)

Function calls with dialling assistance

Classical telephony functions

Listening function

Call priorities

Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption Service (MLPP)

Call history

Global and personalized phone books

Illuminated microphones signal readiness for talking

Headset connection (Bluetooth)

WLAN connection