ISD 1001 - IP desktop call station

The ISD 1001 is an IP based desktop call station, which is designed for indoor areas. It is adaptable to its specific requirements due to its high flexibility. It is connected to the DCSoIP system via Ethernet. The SIP capable call station combines intercom and telephony on a network basis.


16 illuminated keys

Expandable to max. 256 keys

Two-line illuminated display

Integrated tone and speech memory (optional)

Power supply via PoE

High reliability due to continuous self diagnostic and monitoring

Integrated web interface

SIP compatible

ISW 1011 / ISW 1012 - Weather-proofed IP call stations

The weather-proofed IP call stations of the ISW series are specially developed for using in harsh environments. They offer clear and secure communication also in noisy environments. They are versatile due to their user-friendly design. The robust housing withstands extreme environmental conditions and weather, is resistant to many chemicals, and is flame-retardant. The version with keypad enables connections to any destination.


Robust housing made of glass fibre reinforced polyester

Protection class IP 66

Temperature range -25°C to +70°C

40 W additional amplifier optional

3 double toggles (ISW 1011),
2 double toggles and a keypad (ISW 1012)

Various interfaces for connecting additional devices such as warning strobe lights or additional loudspeakers

Integrated web interface

SIP compatible

ISC 1015 - Crane call station

The IP call station ISC 1015 is specially designed for crane communication applications. The crane call station is connected to the system via WLAN by using access points. Distances of several hundred meters can be reached depending on the access point and antenna. The flexible gooseneck microphone and the integrated full-range loudspeaker are specially adapted to the environmental conditions and offer a high speech intelligibility also in noisy environments.


16 illuminated keys

Robust high-quality aluminium housing

Easy installation due to its mounting plate with 4 quick release fasteners

Protection class IP 65

Power supply via PoE

Tone and speech memory (optional)

High reliability due to continuous self diagnostic and monitoring

SIP compatible

OPR-130 - Ceiling-mounted loudspeaker

The OPR-130 loudspeaker is suitable for mounting in ceilings and walls of all kinds. It can be mounted in a few seconds due to its patented installation system. With an additional flush-mounted box it can also be used for solid walls and concrete ceilings. The 130 mm chassis is characterized by a high sound pressure and a very good frequency range. It is protected against humidity by its impregnation. The ball-proof grille protects the loudspeaker against vandalism.


Variants 6W and 10W

Good speech intelligibility

Robust and resistant housing

Heat resistant up to 1000°C

Stainless steel springs for quick assembly

Certified according to EN54-24

Optional with fire pot (F-Version)

OPR-330 - Wall and ceiling loudspeaker

The wall and ceiling loudspeaker OPR-330 is a surface-mounted speaker made of robust plastic. It can be mounted horizontally and vertically due to its symmetrical shape. The ventilated housing ensures good speech and music output.


Variants 6W and 10W

Integrated volume control (optional)

ABS plastic housing (self-extinguishing)

Protection against vandalism and theft

Certified according to EN54-24

OPR-SP – Sound projector

The loudspeaker OPR-SP is a weather-proof high-quality sound projector. The high sound pressure and the very good transmission range ensure a perfect speech intelligibility. This makes the loudspeaker suitable for acoustically difficult environments with changing interference levels, such as on train platforms. The sound projector achieves an optimal limitation of sound emission to neighboring platforms or resident areas due to its sound focusing.


Homogeneous design

With sound outlet on one or both sides

Robust high-quality aluminium housing


Variants 6W and 2x6W

Ceiling, wall, and mast mounting

OPR-LKK - Weather-proof omni-directional loudspeaker

The weather-proof omni-directional loudspeaker is particularly suitable for PA applications in acoustically difficult environments and with changing interference levels. Announcements with high syllable intelligibility can be achieved on platforms and underground stations as well as in large areas such as track fields, squares, and factory premises.



Available as single and dual horn version

Flame resistant, glass fibre reinforced polyester

Colour and light resistant

High syllable comprehensibility

Mast and wall mounting

OPR-EN - Horn speaker

The horn speaker OPR-EN offers outstanding speech intelligibility, even in acoustically difficult environments. The weather-proof loudspeaker is very well suited for voice transmission and voice alarm in indoor and outdoor areas. It is resistant to environmental influences and withstands extreme temperatures.


Variants 10W and 25W

Robust ABS plastic housing (self-extinguishing)

Stainless steel bracket

Certified according to EN54-24

BExL25 – Explosion-proof loudspeaker

The explosion-proof loudspeaker BExL25 is for application in hazardous areas. The housing is made of corrorion resistant, copper-free LM6 aluminium. The red chromed powder coating is resistant to humidity and many chemicals.


Approved to IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC and INMETRO standards

Protection class IP66/67

Multiple tappings from 25W to 2W

Wide frequency response and angle of dispersion

Zone 1 & 2 as well as 21 & 22

OPR-LB - Strip light loudspeaker

The OPR-LB is designed for installation in strip lighting. It is used on platforms, underground stations and underpasses. The stainless steel housing is pushed into the mounting of the strip lighting and fixed with two screws. The strip light loudspeaker convinces with its good transmission range and its very good speech intelligibility.


Variants 10W and 15W

Stainless steel housing

Temperature range from -40°C to +110°C

B-4.C13i - Cardioid column loudspeaker

The cardioid column loudspeaker is characterized by its unique operation mode. The patented technology based on the foundation of Cardioid Directivity Technology and achieved a perfect directivity with a wide frequency spectrum. The column loudspeaker allows many design variations in microphone placement due to its low risk of feedback. The excellent transmission quality for speech and music is guaranteed even over long distances.


Frequency-constant vertical coverage angle due to 4-way crossover

8 long-excursion 4“ cone chassis

1” HF-driver

Robust high-quality aluminium housing

Electronic high-frequency protection


T1230 - Dispatcher terminal

The Dispatcher T1230 is a flexible terminal with touch screen, telephone part with microphone and additional handset (optional). Clearly arranged, easy to use interfaces allow a fast and error-free connection setup. A large display shows an overview of all important functions. The customized user interfaces ensure a high degree of user friendliness.


12,1" Touch screen

Stepless adjustable screen angle (wear-free)

HD camera

Illuminated microphone for connection signalling

2. handset for monitoring (optional)

Headset connection (Bluetooth)

Easy changing components (microphone and camera)

M6210 - Mobile dispatcher tablet

The dispatcher tablet M6210 is specially designed for mobile applications. The robust housing protects the tablet from external influences and allows using it in demanding environments. The customized user interfaces enable user-friendly and easy operation.


7" Touch screen

Protection Class IP67

2 cameras

Battery 5000 mAH

IP 222 - IP phone

The designer IP Phone IP 222 is equipped with a colored display and function keys. The use of the G.722 standard and Energy Efficient Ethernet ensure optimal voice quality and low power consumption. The IP phone can be perfectly integrated into our communication systems.


Color display

Innovative handset tray

16 function and 32 partner keys

3 x USB + one USB for side plates

G.722 standard for optimal voice quality

Energy Efficient Ethernet for low power consumption