Industry Services

Consulting and conception

Individual consulting


Cost estimate

Development of solution proposals

Planning and project engineering

Installation planning

Calculation of costs

Preparation of tender documents

Project management

External project coordination and construction supervision

Project assistance

Project implementation

In-house cabling (network technology) including all accessories, e.g. power supply by qualified electricians

Planning of the power supply, optionally with emergency power supply by calculating the power consumption

Configuration of communication systems

Software adaptions

Factory acceptance tests (FAT)

Site acceptance tests (SAT)

Handover to the customer including instruction

Installation and measurements

Assembly and installation of intercom and PA/GA systems

Commissioning including level adjustments

Initial commissioning according to VDE 0100-600 (Preparing of measurements and protocols)

Measurements and reporting of network cabling (LAN measurements)

Calibration of public address systems (STIPA measurements)


Creation of system documentation, e.g.

Cable layout plans

Block diagrams and simplified diagrams

Distribution diagrams (bar assignment)

Rack assignment plans etc.


Technical support

Support with extensions and adaptions

Maintenance of technical equipment such as communication systems, power supply concepts etc.

Deconstruction and technical adjustments in communication and network technology

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